Fukuhara Ai

NewsChina24 Jan 2019

Followers: 4,080,454 by November 13 Japanese national ping-pong player Fukuhara Ai was ranked one of the month’s most visited microbloggers after she announced her retirement from the game. “I’ve played ping-pong since I was three and spent most of my time on the sport over the past three decades… At my wedding two years ago, I said that I wanted to take good care of my family first, and now seeing so many younger players working hard for the sport, I feel secure to release my pressure and shift to do something that can promote ping-pong,” she wrote in her “goodbye” post, followed by more than 70,000 netizens. Having trained in China from the age of five, Ai speaks fluent Chinese and had many fans in China. She married Taiwanese ping-pong player Chiang Hung-chieh in 2016, and has more than four million followers on her Sina microblog, where she is dubbed the most popular Japanese athlete in China.